Our  Story

(Abridged, thankfully)

Campus Media is a remarkable team of marketing professionals with an insatiable desire to learn and innovate. We are dedicated to providing outstanding communication with a 100% say-do-ratio.

It is our desire to make college marketing and advertising professionals look freakishly intelligent and ridiculously prepared. Our years of experience executing college marketing plans have resulted in a catalog of first-rate intel on thousands of colleges and universities and their off-campus environments. This insider knowledge about students, traditions, hot-spots, and campus advertising options allows us to recommend the right media opportunities to reach students while also saving valuable time and money. College marketing just got easier.

Why We Do This

Campus Media Group wants to instill confidence with our clients in everything we do. Confidence in the decisions we make together, confidence in our goals, and confidence in a job done right.

Our college marketing story

Who We Are


Jason Bakker

COO/Business Development

South MPLS | Failed rock star | Believer in ghosts | Dad in training

Sally Boland

Account Manager

St. Paul, MN | Hogwarts denizen | Recovering MN sports fan | Chief bubble gum blower

Tom Borgerding


St. Paulite | Travel Hipster | State Fair foodie | Beard Connoisseur

Dan Delude

PHP Developer

Fort Collins, CO | PHP Doctor | Audiobook pundit | Disc golf goof

Matt Eddleston

Finance Manager

Highland, St. Paul | Irritable Red Sox fan | Moon landing doubter | Hoarded crystal Pepsi

Tyler Gossage

Account Development Manager

Titletown USA | Cheesehead | Bow Tie Aficionado | Tweets Dad Jokes

Amanda Rancourt

Account Development Manager

St. Louis Park, MN | Slightly obsessed dog mom | MPLS foodie | Former Australian Resident & World Traveler

Deb Lindroth

Operations Manager

Minneapolis, MN | Closet Twihard Mom | Renaissance woman | Baits her own hooks

Mike Monnat

Account Manager

Bloomington, MN (don't worry, Westside) | Soccer troll | Bill Withers on shuffle | Deeper dives start here

Joan Nelson

Sales Director

Elm Grove, WI | Crazy poodle lady | Go Badgers! | Retweets anything Earth, Wind, and Fire

Julian Wagner

Event Marketing Manager

Dallas, TX | Cowboys Fanatic | Sports Car Enthusiast | Breakfast Food Glutton

What We Do