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From multi-month campus tours to creating an in-house recipe for fake blood to promote a horror movie, we've done it all. Whether you are looking to build connections on campus or looking for options that extend beyond campus, we're prepared to help you start a meaningful dialogue with college kids that drives engagement.

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State Farm Insurance
DeVry University
Goldman Sachs
New Balance
Jimmy John's
Warner Bros
Pizza Hut
ASOS Wear It, Mean It
ASOS Wear It, Mean It Fall 2017 Campus Tour Case Study

In the fall of 2017, Campus Media Group partnered for a second consecutive year with ASOS, an online youth fashion retailer, and their global agency, to create a US campus student engagement tour.

The tour theme was #wearitmeanit and championed individuality. The purpose of the tour was to convert students into lifelong ASOS shoppers and loyal fans of the brand. The ASOS #wearitmeanit design studio popped up at colleges, offering students an exclusive ASOS T-shirt. Students validated their account with ASOS and were given the choice of one of ten pre-designed shirts curated by some of ASOS’s most influential designers. Students will enjoy their exclusive discount for the duration of their college enrollment, which encourages re-engagement, loyalty and future purchases. Students love this tour!

Quick Hits:

  • 7 week road trip
  • 21 college campuses (some campuses had multiple day events)
  • From New York to Georgia
  • Attractive and exciting set including digital totems where students validated and selected their T-shirt design.
  • Student emails, online and mobile ads, and social media supported the tour


  • 420,000 student interactions
  • 18,672 students validated
ALDI Campus Careers Road Trip Case Study
ALDI Campus Careers Road Trip Case Study

In the fall of 2017, Campus Media Group partnered with leading global discount supermarket ALDI and their agency to create a six-week, 13-campus, "road-trip" recruitment tour.

The tour was created to help ALDI recruit for their District Manager position, which is specifically designed for new college graduates. Each stop consisted of a team of campus brand reps who passed out anywhere from 800-1,000 bags of ALDI prepackaged food items. Interested students were encouraged to submit their info and partake in a giveaway to win great prizes like, BeatsX Headphones, Amazon Echo devices, $50 ALDI gift cards, and other ALDI branded premiums - everyone was a winner! The team passed out 500 flyers outlining the upcoming Career Fairs and encouraged students interested in the position to attend. During the tour, thousands of students were able to connect with current ALDI Vice Presidents, Directors, District Managers and Student Ambassadors.

Quick Hits:

  • 6 week road trip
  • 13 college campuses
  • From Florida to Massachusetts
  • Promoting ALDI District Manager and Internship career opportunities
  • Facebook and Snapchat ads supported the tour


  • 11,500+ face-to-face student interactions
  • 3,815 students expressed interest in more information about an ALDI career
  • Career webpages saw an avg 11.8% increase in student online sessions - some pages up 20%+
  • Of total online web sessions, 77% were from new students
  • ALDI received the most applications since they began tracking in 2011
College Marketing - Back-to-School with Blackboard 0
with Blackboard

Move-in teams on campus for Blackboard during Back-to-School.

Blackboard’s goal is to work with colleges and universities to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices — connecting more effectively, keeping students informed and involved. So it was only appropriate they hit the pavement and get in front of those students offering whatever assistance the students might need during the ever exciting and chaotic Move-In Day. The teams were on hand all day at every dorm with cool bottles of Blackboard branded water bottles to help students and parents alike.

College Marketing - Amethyst Jeans College Tour 0
Amethyst Jeans
College Tour

A lesson on how we got a hot denim brand more than 1,000 Facebook “Likes” per day.

We coordinated 11 on-campus tours for Amethyst Jeans during Fall back-to-school that earned an average of 1,084 Facebook “Likes” from new female college fans at each stop. The lines were long, but worth it. More than 6,000 pairs of jeans were given away free to students who may not have ever considered this denim brand. Now that‘s taking care of your consumer! Campus advertising and PR supported the events.

College Marketing - Grand Opening 0
Grand Opening
On Campus

Promoting the grand opening of a new Great Clips salon near campus.

Great Clips needed to promote a grand opening in San Marcos, TX with the goal of driving Texas State University students to their new campus location. Two college marketing channels were used for this activation: street teams and mobile ads. The college street team was made up of four ambassadors in Great Clips branded attire that distributed 8,000 flyers over 4 days. The flyers were passed out near student hot spots around campus. For added reach of student influencers, the team targeted Greek housing and off-campus housing. While the teams were interacting with the students, they promoted the Great Clips “Online Check-In” phone app. To support the campus promotion, more than 225,000 mobile ad impressions were delivered in real-time to students on campus achieving a click thru rate of .68%. Great Clips saw an immediate lift with multiple same-day coupon redemptions and app check-ins.

College Marketing - Movies We've Promoted 0
We've Promoted

From Oscar winning films to low-budget Indies, marketing on campus started here.

They may have done their filming in Hollywood, but they looked to Minnesota for marketing. Here are some movies we marketed on college campuses.

College Marketing - Pizza Hut 0
Pizza Hut
Campus Marketing

Competing in the pizza space on campus requires experts who know how to make taste buds tingle.

Campus Media put together a group of Pizza Hut and Wing Street locations that were trying to build their brand on campus and drive the trial of a new menu item. The marketing increased store traffic, increased deliveries to the campus area, and effectively reinserted the brand into the set of pizza options to consider on campus.

College Marketing - Promoting a Horror Movie 0
Promoting a Horror Movie

Who do you call to bring the creep? The only college marketing agency with an in-house recipe for fake blood, that’s who.

We dug deep into our tool chest for unusual movie marketing tactics to create a Halloween buzz for the movie and the existing legend of Mary Hatchet. This promotion used blood stain sidewalk stencils, chalking, and poster/flier drops on and off campus, including at dorms and sororities. Models of Mary Hatchet were walking around campuses in full character with makeup during night and day classes to hand out fliers about the movie. Our favorite student comment? “Holy-S#@t! You scared the living S#*t out of me!” Mission accomplished.