Top Halloween Costumes on Campus in 2010

Campuses everywhere will have no shortage of faux "Guidettes" and "Juice Heads" fist pumping the night away.

The Jersey Shore - Pauly D Costume

(Left: Pauly D Costume, Right: The Real Pauly D)

The Jersey Shore - Snooki costume

(Left: "Snooki" Costume, Right: The Real "Snooki")

The Jersey Shore - The situation costume

(Left: "The Situation" Costume, Right: "The [Real] Situation")

Move over Smurfs, there's a new blue "it" costume in town. Welcome to Pandora University.

Avatar - Jake Sully Costume

(Left: Jake Sully Costume, Right: The "Real" Jake Sully)

Avatar - Neytiri Costume

(Left: The "Real" Neytiri, Right: Neytiri Costume)

Lady Gaga doesn't wear outfits...she wears costumes, so it's a given that we will see her "little monsters" just about everywhere we turn this Halloween.

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga 2009 VMA Costume

Lady Gaga Costume

(Left: Lady Gaga Costume, Right: The Real Lady Gaga)

It's become the Halloween staple for girls 18-28. Here is how it works, pick a noun and then put the word "sexy" before have your costume. Try it, it's like Halloween mad libs, nearly any noun will do...vocation, animal, season, character, etc..

Sexy Celeb Halloween Costumes

(Top Row From Left: Sexy Little Red Riding Hood - "Lo" Boswortj, Sexy Sailor - Sarah Paxton, Sexy Flapper - Kim Kardashian, Sexy Peacock - Audrina Patridge, Sexy Cop - Heidi Montag, Sexy Wonder Woman - Kim Kardashian, Sexy Bride - Mariah Carey, Sexy Maid - Jenny McCarthy, Sexy Cadette - Paris Hilton, Bottom Row From Left: Sexy Firefighter - Lindsay Lohan, Sexy Devil - Selita Ebanks, Sexy Alice in Wonderland - Paris Hilton, Sexy Mermaid - Mariah Carey, Sexy Genie - Kim Kardashian, Sexy Prisoner - Paris Hilton, Sexy Aerobics Instructor- Kristin Cavallari, Sexy Angel - Mariah Carey, Sexy Ladybug - Sophie Monk)

THE 80'S
If you didn't already know, the 80's are soooooo hot right now.

80's Costumes