Top 10 College Quidditch Teams

Emerson Quidditch

Some very serious looking Quidditch players at Emerson College.

Quidditch. The invention of writer J.K. Rowling has begun to magically appear as a club sport on college campuses. An article by USA Today earlier this fall showed the
"sport" is catching on among real-world students at an astonishingly high number of schools around the world. College kids play on the ground instead of in the air, but take on the various roles described in JK Rowling's books including keepers, seekers, chasers, and beaters.

Currently, hundreds of teams have formed at schools in almost every state and more than a dozen countries. A Quidditch World Cup is even held. The NCAA recognizes the sport. Rivalries have begun to form as well, including between KU and Mizzou.

Here are the Top 10 college teams ranked by The International Quidditch Association.

No. 1 Middlebury College

No. 2 University of Kansas

No. 3 Louisiana State University

No. 4 Texas A&M

No. 5 Emerson College

No. 6 University of Rochester

No. 7 McGill University

No. 8 University of Pittsburgh

No. 9 Villanova University

No. 10 Marquette University

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