The Reasoning Behind Netflix's New Logo

Netflix logos

Netflix publicly released their new flatter logo along with their slightly redesigned website about a week ago, and it'™s already being talked about on the Internet (Reddit). Netflix users either like it, hate it or don't care enough. And what is even more weird is that Netflix hasn'™t been acknowledging the changes. "The company did not respond to e-mails and phone messages from CNN seeking comment on the new look," says CNN.

Before I start deconstructing Neflix'™s new logo, let'™s discuss the reasoning behind the "old" logo. Netflix'™s old logo was great because its typography was unique, different from all the other streaming and DVD services. "œThe typography evokes the feeling of a major Hollywood studio, featuring a thick, 3-D extrusion you see in logos for Universal, Fox, and Warner Bros," says Mark Wilson of As a graphic designer, I too shared that same feeling about Netflix's old logo. But there are some basic flaws in it.

Flaw #1: Having to put a red box behind the name can limit the variety of designs for a brand. Having a logo that relies so heavily on color can look strange in media that only offer black and white. Think about it, the name would not stand out and it would be hard to read. The red has always been behind the name in order to increase readability and to catch the consumer's eye. No other colors can evoke more feeling and eye-catching power than red, white and black. Though this creates another flaw.

Flaw #2: If you'™ve ever been to the Netflix website, perhaps you've felt your eyes drifting towards the top where the Netflix logo is? The reason for this is because of the block of red. To a certain extent, too much red is used in Netflix'™s logo to the point where it's distracting. Red can help direct users if they get lost in the website. But it'™s a very hard color on the eyes.

Flaw #3: Thin fonts always have to be big when they are used with bold colors. They can'™t be small or else they will start to blend with the bold color. Readability was often the problem with Hollywood-like logos. That'™s why thin fonts are not used often.

So what does the new Netflix logo do right? For starters Netflix now has a variety of ways to display their logo. The logo reads better in black and white. Their new logo is easier to read, especially on screens. And is not as distracting; though it'™s not very pleasant to look at.

I believe the main reason for why Netflix made changes is because they are not about old movies and DVDs anymore; Netflix is about streaming content online and TV shows. The old logo didn'™t really fit the company'™s new image. So people can complain about the logo's fierceness and how it looks like the Dexter logo without the blood, but it'™s here to stay.