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2017 Higher Education Statistics, Trends, and Marketing

The Department of Education released statistics showing how campus populations have changed over the past 17 years. Things have changed significantly. See the statistics and what it means for marketing on campus today.

Using Links in Job Descriptions

College students typically skip the employer’s website career pages and go directly to the job postings. How should your company engage students in answering the “why” they should work with you? Here’s how...

Digital OOH Media Options On Campus

College marketers looking to extend their digital advertising to the physical college campus have more options today than they have ever had.

6 Types Of Street Team Marketing On Campus

National brands looking to create awareness on campus, drive product trials, or create a PR buzz can choose from a variety of street team activation tactics.

Ad Sales Job Opportunity

Leading college marketing agency, Campus Media Group, is expanding their account development team.

Mytasca mentioned on RecruitingTools.com as great new HR technology

RecruitingTools.com wrote a quick overview in this article about Mytasca recently as one of the up-and-coming HR tools to watch. As investments in HR tech continue to rise, Mytasca is a highlight. We appreciate the coverage and that we were seen as a standout to one of the key HR tech sites out there.

5 Major Factors to Consider when Marketing to Millennials

It’s 2015 and the United States is changing in new ways with an onslaught of new technology and unique experiences overtaking the attention and incomes of the Millennial generation (adults ages 18 to 34 in 2015). Many seek to stereotype this demographic as lazy, entitled, and narcissistic, but often marketers and the media alike misunderstand them at their own peril. As marketing professionals, there are 5 big reasons why, we can’t afford to ignore the rise of the Millennial.

Top 10 College Quidditch Teams

Quidditch.- the invention of writer J.K. Rowling has begun to magically appear as a club sport on college campuses.

Amethyst Jeans 2011 College Campus Tour

Campus Media Group coordinated a 2011 college tour for Connecticut based premium junior denim brand, Amethyst Jeans that will kick off and give away free jeans and swag in its home state at the University of Connecticut on September 12, 2011.T

Peer Recruitment On Campus

At the recent NACE 2011 conference, attendees heard over and over again that the 40- or 50-something recruiter doesn't connect to students in the same way that a recent grad who works at the company can. T

Creative poster ideas for campus

Advertising on college campus with posters is very old-school, but still very effective. Rock bands and national brands share the limited space that a campus can offer, so what are you doing with your poster design?

College BINGO

Classes this time of the year can really drag. Summer is practically here and thoughts of friends and the weekend partay begin to creep into the cerebral cortex. If you are a college student needing to get through these final days of class, here is a new spin on BINGO you can play.

Best Senior Prank Ever

The old cup prank never seems to die. It involves carefully placing half-filled cups of water over an entire area making it impassable and a major pain to clean up.

Youth Lexicon: Totes Hilar

OMG you guys, here's the sitch....abreves are totes taking ove and it's bananas! IDK what this ish is all about, but it's OOC. IMO peeps are just bein' laze, it's redic.

Use QR codes to connect with college students

Cell phone ownership among the college market is nearly ubiquitous. And Smartphone usage is on the rising with the majority of college kids already owning one, or planning to buy one for their next phone.

Millennial technology usage about being mobile

Millennial technology use is showing a propensity for mobility according to the latest study from the Pew Research Center. Knowing how youth communicate and organize their lives can also help us better understand how to market to them.

Marketing to the senses

Part 1 of 3 in a series of posts related to marketing to the senses. As humans, we have five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Marketers have basically been playing to those senses since the need for promotion began.

Haunted Sorority Houses

Thousands of sororities across the United States provide opportunities for young women to enrich their lives and meet new friends while attending college. Many, however, get more than they bargained for when they pledge.

College hockey presents opportunities for marketers

While football and basketball get the most national press as far as collegiate athletics go, there's another sport that may take precedence here in Minnesota (and not just because Gopher football is basically an embarrassment).

Halloween spending on campus

Some spooky stats from the National Retail Federation predict that Halloween spending will jump to $5.8 billion this year with the typical adult spending $66.28 -- up $10 from last year.

Fall 2010 College Fashion Trends for Women

The Legging: this isn't really a news flash, leggings have been "in" for a couple of seasons now. However, they took a mini vacay for the summer, and are back in a big way for fall with lots to choose from: shiny ones, patterned ones, and good old fashioned black ones.

Subway Breakfast Promotion on Campus

For back-to-school, Campus Media helped Subway make sure students  got a good breakfast. We organized  street team promotions on college campuses throughout the Midwest to promote Subway's new "Brinner" (breakfast right through dinner) campaign and to drive store traffic and trial of their new breakfast menu items.


At Ole Miss the place to be is "The Grove". It's where all the pre-partying happens. Expect thousands of students packed into a mini tent city. Expected game day crowd level for area: 60,500 - 62,000.

13 Random Facts about Friday the 13th

More than 60 million people worldwide claim to be affected by a fear of Friday 13th. Some of them won't go to work, drive cars or get out of bed on this day.

The Process of Building Your Recruitment Brand

I presented the 16 Tools to Build Your Brand and Recruit the Very Best at the NACE National Conference last week. Below is a diagram of the process, but let me explain each of these parts for you.