Our  Story

(Abridged, thankfully)

Campus Media is a remarkable team of marketing professionals who love working with brands that want to engage college students. We are dedicated to providing thoughtful student marketing strategies and executing them with a 100% say-do-ratio. We are based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with national reach and have been helping brands for more than 15 years.

Who We Help

Employers Who Recruit Students

What are you doing to attract the right talent for your organization? We specialize in employer recruitment strategies on campus. Whether you are trying to hire new grads or focusing your branding efforts further upstream, we have the tools and advertising options to help your team meet their student recruitment goals.

Colleges for Enrollment Marketing

Feeling like your enrollment strategy is a bit dated and in need of fresh ideas? We can enhance your brand and student lead generation programs while increasing your ROI. Our unique approach to the higher-ed market includes advertising options that reach all segments: professional, graduate, undergraduate and online learners.

Advertising Agencies Who Need Campus Help

Advertising agencies of all shapes and sizes partner with us to compliment their digital media buys, find and manage unique media buys, and get on-campus in ways they aren’t able to do on their own. Even if you don’t invite us to the planning table, we treat your clients like they are our clients. Rest assured your media buys will be executed on time and on budget.

National Brands Needing Expert Strategy and Execution

Today’s leading brands and organizations understand the power of the college consumer. For many, marketing in the campus environment or to the student audience can be pretty unfamiliar. You need a guide to help you navigate the unique challenges of marketing on campus and a trusted resource to ensure your digital marketing strategy is on point.

Why Use Us

Access to Campus. Audience Intelligence. Resources to Reach.

It is our desire to make college marketing and advertising professionals look freakishly intelligent and ridiculously prepared. Our years of experience executing college marketing plans have resulted in a catalog of first-rate intel on thousands of colleges and universities and their off-campus environments. This insider knowledge about students, traditions, hot-spots, and campus advertising options allows us to recommend the right media opportunities to reach students while also saving valuable time and money. College marketing just got easier.